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Hi I'm Mandi Leigh You can find just about anything you are looking for at my Etsy Shop. It is a place with a little of Everything! Handmade Magickal Creations, Vintage, Metaphysical, Ritual, and Spiritual you will you find here at Leigh's Boutique. Cant find what your looking for? No problem! Just send me a message and tell me what it is that you seek. I will let you know if I can make it or not. I am here to work for you, and provide you the items you so desire.

You will find a variety of Handcrafted items at my Etsy shop like One of a Kind Gemstone Jewelry using Precious, and Semi Precious Stones, with their Metaphysical, and Magical properties, Natural Bath & Body products, Hair Accessories, Wall Hangings, Dream Catchers, Wands, Wind Chimes, Pagan Ritual Tools, Statuary, and More.


Proud Member of the Kansas Etsy Team, and Etsy's Pagan Team!

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Leighs Wiccan Boutique

My Second Shop is all items handcrafted with gemstones, and their Metaphysical Properties both healing and mystical. The following items will be offered at Leigh's Wiccan Boutique:

Wire Wrapped Gemstone Dream Catchers, Wire Wrapped Gemstone Celestial Wall, and Window Decor, Wire Wrapped Gemstone Wind Chimes, Gemstone Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Wands, Medicinal Soaps, and more.
Each Item includes a Metaphysical Properties, and Mystical Powers of all stones included in each piece at the end of each listing. 

A copy of the Metaphysical Properties will also be sent with your item purchased.

Interested in a certain piece? Want it but cant get it till payday? No problem! 

I will reserve any item in either of my shops with your name in the title for 2 weeks.
Custom orders are always welcome as I love to create an item that is specialized to you.
I do require half down on all special orders. Just send me a msg for payment details.

I also would like to mention that my friend Azzrian Visions has been a big help to me.
Not only has she been an inspiration to me to create my new line of designs, but she has also inspired me to follow my heart in my work. Not only am I her Personal designer for her jewelry, but meeting her has been a blessing.
She has also put her touch to my creations as well.
One being her Dream Protection Meditation that goes with every Gemstone Dream Catcher I offer.

I have always believed in the power of Stones, and what they can do when introduced with Intuitive beings, and Healing Magick.
I also have always believed in the special gifts that God gives us as well.
My Mother is a Dreamer. She has always had visions during dream state.
Her visions have always come true.
They have come in handy with the protection of her children, but has also been a burden to her.
She only see's danger and death to those closest to her.
A gift in being able to see danger and change the possible outcome, a burden knowing someone close will pass.

My Co-Designer, and Best friend Kay Stars also can relate as her grandmother was an Intuitive.
She would shock the kids knowing their story was a fib and revealing the truth of their actual actions.
She would also know things that there was no possible way for her know.

Azzrian Visions is also a strong Intuitive Being.
You can check out her blog at

These special gifts is what has inspired me to create my new designs at last.

Thank you for all your loyalty and support as it is much appreciated.

My Main Etsy Shop Address is:


  1. Aweeee Thanks Mandi! You do amazing work and I am blessed to be a part of your life! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your items! Kay does amazing work as well! We all have to stick together and do our best to make our dreams come true!

  2. Well thank you dear what can I say you spark creativity in me and give me new idea's :)


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