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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fenton Beaded Stars Marigold Carnival Glass Footed by MandiLeighs

Fenton Beaded Stars Marigold Carnival Glass Footed by MandiLeighs

Another lovely Rare collectible brought to you from Grandma's Glass collection.

This is one of Fenton's Earlier pieces.
This bowl pre-dates depression glass years, and is stated to be one of Fenton's Rare and Hard to find dishes in this style and color.

1908-1910 Marigold Carnival Beaded Stars footed bowl.
This bowl measures. 2 5/8" in height and 6 1/8" across.

There is NO chips, or cracks, and Sits level.

There is Straw marks. which is very very common for this time frame with glass.

A straw mark does not negatively affect the value of an item.
A straw mark is a line on the surface of glassware that is a result of the manufacture. A straw mark is not a crack and it will not get larger.

There is a 0 on the top in the bowl (Extremely hard to find) around the beaded star pattern. There is also a 0 on the bottom of the foot.
I found the 0 on the top when I took my magnifying glass to the bottom to make certain it was a molded 0 in the glass.
I had never seen the one on the top till then.

With that stated this could have been one of 3 things.

1. In the beginning Fenton had bought molds from other company's to get started. This could have been a mold from a prior glass company that they used as their own.

2. It may have also been the first set of pieces before the line of this design pattern was released and distributed. Meaning this could of been one of the Experimental pieces to perfect the glass for this particular design Pattern.

3. It could have also been one of the pieces in the experimental stage of carnival glass making.
I say this because during that time is when Fenton started experimenting in making a new kind of glass which is known today as Carnival Glass.

The other 2 bowls I found that match this dish does not state any numbers molded in the glass.


During my research I discovered that only 5 different bowl shapes of the Marigold beaded star from 1908-1910 sold between 1999 - 2003.

I only found 2 available that is a exact match to this dish.
One of them is said to sit lopsided and is listed for 30.00.

I have so far only successfully found about a handful of different styles and Colors of the beaded Stars Design.
Prices range from 30.00 for a lopsided bowl to 109.00 for a larger Blue Opalescent bowl.

In the Antiques and Collectibles Price Guides
Fenton Glassware Price/Value Guide

The Beaded Star pattern is not even listed.

This will make a lovely addition to your Fenton Collection.

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