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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

13 Unadorn Bamboo Wands Destash RESERVED by leighswiccanboutique

13 Unadorn Bamboo Wands Destash RESERVED by leighswiccanboutique
This listing is for a total of 13 unadorn Bamboo Wands.
7 wands approx. 24" long.
2 Wands approx. 17 1/2" long.
1 Wand approx. 12" long.
and 4 pocket wands measuring approx. 7" long.

Bamboo itself contains and holds its own powers. Its not a wood, but holds strong energy.
It has the powers of protection, and luck. It has also been used as a divination tool in Chinese Temples. It has also been used as a charm against evil spirits. It is said it can be used for hex or spell breaking if you are put under one, but that is only if you believe in hex’s. Both party's must believe in such for one to be effective. I personally do not believe in hex’s, and believe this is part of dark magic which this wand is not intended for. It is intended for white magic uses only.

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