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Monday, September 20, 2010

ArtFire Group Deal

Hey everyone just thought I would spread the word about the deal Artfire is offering right now. The Artfire Group deal is only 5.95 a month for a locked in rate, once 20,000 members sign up for this offer. Check it out at
Thats really good if you think about it because I know I spend that plus some at times depending how much I list on Etsy between both my shops in a month.
I had a standard account for a while and didnt do so well but alot of that is because I was not a pro member so I couldnt participate in alot of the things pro accounts can do. So Im gonna try this out and test the waters. My Etsy stays but I wanna see how well I will also do at artfire as well.
My old account currently doesnt have any listings as all the pics I had on there were crappy, and I am gonna re do it. My pro account will be Leighs Wiccan Boutique, and I plan on setting up a standard non pro account for my vintage collectibles to keep it all seprate.
Once my Pro account is active I will begin adding all my items and get it underway for construction so I can put what I want and how I want things as pro's get alot more options when it comes to listings.
As a pro member they also have alot of features that etsy does not have like coupons, a discount button ect. So if you sell vintage or handcrafted items check it out!

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