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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cocoa Bean and Vanilla Milk and Honey by leighswiccanboutique

Cocoa Bean and Vanilla Milk and Honey by leighswiccanboutique

If you like chocolate your gonna love this and your kids will to!

This soap is all natural containing 40% Meyenberg Goats Milk enriched with Vitamin D, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Cacao Bean Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil and 100% Pure & Natural Grade A Honey.

Each Bar weighs approx 3.5oz.

This soap makes a rich bubbly lather just like any of your Liquid body wash's would! Plus its great to use when shaving!

You can see what I mean in the second picture of my nice and foamy soapy hands and in this semi corney Demonstration video I made that shows how well these soaps work.
Check it out

Contains no detergents, no surfactants, no sulfates, no alcohol, and no sugar solutions.

Your skin will feel so soft and silky after your bath NOT DRY!
Plus you just gave your skin the treat of its life with the nourishing benefits you receive from the goats milk, and honey.

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Cacao Absolute:
With the incredible aroma of the finest chocolate, this dark exquisite Cacao seed oil makes a highly intriguing and delightful scent. Use Cacao absolute with confidence as a rich middle note in all of your love potions. Sensual, heady, and delicious while adding a hint of intrigue, cacao is an excellent ingredient in erotic formulations.
Cacao is known to open the heart chakra, healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Research shows that smelling cacao reduces levels of stress and anxiety. Cacao may also help to reduce cravings and addictive patterns. The scent of this exquisite essential oil is at once mystical and magical. We recommend cacao essential oil for increasing creativity and connection to your heart chakra.
The beans from which this oil is extracted have one of the richest histories in the plant world: The word 'cacao' is ancient and likely originated with the pre-mayan Olmec people. All chocolate is made from cacao, the seed of the fruit of the jungle tree, Theobroma cacao which translates as food of the Gods. Native to Central American rainforests, the cacao tree was originally cultivated by these ancient earth walkers. Later harvested by the Mayans, Toltecs, and Aztecs the seeds (also known as beans) were also used as a form of currency in Aztec society.

The complexity of the Cacao tree and its fabulous fruit and seeds serves as a reminder to us of the great potential of the rainforest botanicals for enhancing our well-being. The plant can be used in honor of the vast diversity of the virgin rainforest. Cacao has long been thought of as a natural medicine; its diverse therapeutic qualities of the plant include a decrease in depression; an increase in general health; a lessening of stress; and enhancements in pleasure, including sex.

Vanilla Total:
Vanilla Total:
pure Vanilla 'total' essential oil, CO2 distilled from Vanilla beans grown in Madagascar. The beans and the extraction process are certified organic. This lovely oil has a very high 26% vanillin concentration, with the most luxurious vanilla aroma.
This CO2 oil is 200 times stronger than common Vanilla extract for cooking, and 14 times stronger than "10-Fold" Vanilla extract.

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