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Friday, September 10, 2010

Portable Wiccan Altar and Accessories Kit by leighswiccanboutique

Portable Wiccan Altar and Accessories Kit by leighswiccanboutique

This is a handcrafted Portable Altar with Accessories.
Great for travel and easy to pack and carry.

This Kit includes a total of 7 wonderful Magickal Items.

The Altar has wood Burned symbols with a lovely light walnut finish. It also contains the element stones in each element symbol for your spell casting needs.

Symbols on the Altar:

Wheel of the Year / Spirit symbol: contains Onyx which is connected to, and represents Spirit.

The wheel of the year refers to the cycle of the seasons and the holidays that mark their passing.
It is connected to spirit by the holy days which is the life cycle as it is reflected in the cycles of nature– the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth. Each season is identified with a certain stage in life, and that stage of life is honored and celebrated in its respective season. This is also mirrored in the mythological birth, life, death and rebirth of the Sun God,

Air symbol: Opal which represents all elements, I used this stone for Air.

Earth Symbol: Malachite which is related and connected to earth,

Fire Symbol: Carnelian which is connected to fire.

Water Symbol: Sapphire which is connected to water, it is also connected to wind and the moon.

I also placed Tiger eye in the center of the Pentacle as it is a stone of Protection.

Crescent Moon Symbol:
The Crescent Moon indicates the aging Goddess or Crone, who is held in high regard by all Wicca's.

Triple Moon Goddess symbol:
The Triple Moon symbol represents the Goddess in her three forms:
•The Maiden as the waxing moon to the left represents carefree sensuality and new beginnings;
•The Mother as the full moon in the centre represents fulfillment, generosity and fertility; and
•The Crone as the waning moon to the right represents wisdom, rest and compassion.
The Triple Moon is a complex symbol that expresses the many facets of feminine powers and mysteries.

The Horned God Symbol:
is one of the two primary deities found in the religion of Wicca. He is often given various names and epithets, and represents the male part of the religion's duotheistic theological system, the other part being the female Triple Goddess, In common Wiccan belief, he is associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting and the life cycle Whilst depictions of the deity vary, he is always shown with horns upon his head, in this way emphasizing "the union of the divine and the animal", the latter of which includes Humanity.

Triskelion Symbol aka (triple spiral):
A triple spiral is sometimes suggested to represent the Triple Goddess of the three ages of womanhood. It later came to represent the holy trinity in Christianity; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This motif is also called the triskelion, or triskel.,

Ohm Symbol:
There are several different versions of the Ohm Symbol which is also known as OM. I chose to use the original Ancient one. The Ohm Symbol is a symbol of Protection, and Meditation.

Lovely plain pure white altar clothe to place your portable altar on.

THE CHALICE: This is a Vintage Silver Chalice which I have added some touches to.
I have added all of the elemental stones which goes around the bottom rim of this chalice to represent the 5 elements.

Bottle Contains Dragons Blood Oil. I did add an all natural color to this for a unique look.
It does not affect its potency or altar it for use.
This is a small bottle of Dragons Blood Oil has been placed on a chain for easy transportation, and every day use. Also it’s great to wear on a daily basis for general protection.
Magical Uses: Burn for love, protection, and sexual potency.
Use for Courage, Magical Power, Energy, Strength, Purification, Changes, Determination, and Cleansing.

This is a pure Sodalite Stone Pendulum attached to a ring.
It makes for easy use by just slipping it on your middle finger, and catches your full energy vibrations.

This wand was designed especially for the element of Air.
Use this wand when Invoking the Element of Air.
Wand contains 2 feathers which are symbolic to Air.
Wire wrapped with Copper a natural metal found in our earth.
Plus Opal which relates to all the elements and a very strong stone energy wise it has been used to represent Air. The handle is is made from Pear Wood from our old tree.

A must have, and a very essential tool.
Great to use when Cleansing, Clearing, purification, and Ceremonial uses.

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