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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment by leighswiccanboutique on Etsy

Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment by leighswiccanboutique on Etsy

Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment

Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment
Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment Adorn Willow Wand of Enchantment
This Beautiful Adorn Wand is handcrafted from Willow. It Features a Crystal Quartz Point encased with lovely wire wrapping, Along the wand, and within the wire wrapped design you will find the Gemstone Elemental Bismuth which is found in Germany.

The End of the Wand has Wood Burned Ancient Runes.
The Runes stand for Prosperity, Good Luck, Friends, Family, Travel, success, positive outcome, progress, and personal enrichment in life.

This wand also features a Pendulum that can be used during your work, and it is also removable. The Pendulum is Gemstone Lapis.

Wand is 17" long in total Length.

This wand has also been infused with Positive Energy and rubbed with the following Oils:

Frankincense: Historically a ceremonial oil, used to deepen breathing and elevate consciousness; helps to make one aware that reality is multidimensional; also helps break unwanted ties with the past.

Myrrh: Enhances and strengthens spirituality, visualization and meditation practice. Myrrh lifts vibrations and increases the potency of other oils. Myrrh has the ability to bring up deep, hidden, or unconscious feelings. Myrrh is purifying to the energetic environment and the human energy field and increases meridian flow. Myrrh is an ingredient in healing mixtures and is also used to consecrate, purify and bless objects. Myrrh is also associated with; Protection, Exorcism, Transformation, The Sacred; Cleansing, and Creating Peace.

Sandalwood: Stills the conscious mind so a meditative state can be achieved; helps free the mind from the past.

This wand will help aid you whenever there is a need to connect with intuition, dreams, seer-ship, visions, and poetically inspired writing or images. It will also help aid you with emotional numbness or emotional excess, or where there are negative emotional feelings which need to be worked through.

The Bismuth Stones on this wand will help you with Healing, and Amplifying Energy.
It helps relieve symptoms of isolation, both spiritually and emotionally. As a stone of transformation, it calms disorder and helps push changes in the right direction with a physical vitality, connecting to all that is. Energy is transformed from the crown chakra to the base chakra, which is something other stones don’t do. It can be used on all chakras. The power of wisdom can be actualized through Bismuth.

The Crystal Quartz Point is a master healer, and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It draws off negative energy of all kinds. Quartz balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. It enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

I also have listed for purchase a basic Consecration process for beginners. This Consecration has been provided by Azzrian Visions.
Once purchased you will receive an email of the full process to properly consecrate your wand.

SHIPPING: is based on other wands sold and shipped.

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