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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set

Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set
Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set Dragon Woods Bath and Body Spa Gift Set
What a wonderful His & Her Bath and Body set to give to your loved ones this Holiday Season. They will love you for thought that went into this, or pamper yourself as you must love the skin your in. Dragon Woods is a scent that both Men and Woman can Enjoy. All the Gals at work just love it including myself. My husband just cant get enough of it!

Shipping is based on like items and weight. If you over pay a dollar amount in shipping, I will refund it back to you. This set includes the Following 4 items.

Dragon Woods Mineral Dead Sea Mud Bath, and Shaving Balm weighing approx. 8.77 oz.
Dragon Woods has a been such a popular scent locally. It is my own creation which takes about 2 months to create. Consisting of Top notes of Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Cinnamon Stick.

Kick back and enjoy a nice relaxing bath. Mud from the Dead Sea has a high salt and mineral content, all of which are essential for the body. The mud infuses the skin with minerals leaving it clean, refreshed and hydrated. Dead Sea mud has the dual purpose of exfoliating as well as being as a natural cleanser. It not only removes toxins and impurities from the skin, but also tightens and tones the skin, improves blood circulation, hydrates the skin and aids in skin regeneration.
This Mud bath is enriched with Foaming Cream Butter Soap, Dead Sea Mud, Australian Red Reef Clay, Essential Oils, Goats Milk, Natural Raw Soy Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Raw Coconut Oil, Bioplex.

It makes the perfect Shaving Balm. I just used it, and received such a silky close shave!
After my bath my legs shined and I had no irritation. My legs was so moisturized lotion was not needed. You wont get alot of foam from this as it is a slip soap for shaving & mud bath soak, but it will still get you squeaky clean, and moisturized!

Next is the Dragon Woods Hydrating Body Cream weighing approx. 8.60 oz. Let me tell you this.... YOUR GONNA FALL IN LOVE! I took a bottle of this into work, and sold 8 bottles in 2 hours. That weekend I sold the remaining 2 bottles at my shop within an hour. My husband who use to always refuse to use lotion because he said it never worked, uses my lotion faithfully! I just had to make more since it was so popular which inspired me to make a spa set.

This lotion along with all my products is all natural and enriched with Red Reef Clay, Essential Oils, Goats Milk, Natural Raw Soy Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Raw Coconut Oil, Bioplex.

This spa collection developed its color using Australian Red Reef Clay which helps to replenish and regenerate the epidermis of the skin to create soft and healthy glowing skin. Bioplex is a naturally Derived Active that mimics the skins natural moisturizing factor. Skin becomes dry for two reasons. Prolonged exposure to the elements, and physical, chemical changes to the skin as the result of aging. Skin contains natural humectants, the most important being NaPCA As skin ages, it contains decreasing amounts to a percentage as low as 50. Bioplex is made from an effective combination of moisturizers, proteins and humectants to help restore, and keep that lost moisture.
Goat's milk is known for it's delicate moisturizing properties for dry or problem skin. These moisturizing properties soften and nourish the skin.

Here is the best part once you apply this lotion, you wont need to apply it again for a very long time. A little bit of this lotion goes a very long way. The Moisture is locked in curing the dry skin immediately. Even after normal hand washing the softness is still there. You can actually still feel it, unlike store brands where with theirs a little is needed often. Plus the added factor is your skin will have a smooth younger look to it after applied.

Now You Cant forget the Dragon Woods Exfoliating Loofah Red Reef Clay Slip Soap Bar! Each Bar weighs approx. 4-5oz. Containing all natural 40% Meyenberg Goats Milk enriched with Vitamin D, Natural Raw Soy Butter, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil, Bioplex which Hydrates the skin, and makes it look younger! Natural Loofah which was grown in Kansas, and Australian Red Reef Clay. This soap has some great Foaming Action while Exfoliating away Dirt, and Dry skin. (I love to use it on my feet!)

Last but not least I have included a small Exfoliating Loofah Sponge. This sponge was home grown right here in Kansas! Loofah the fibrous, cylindrical off-white sponge is in fact the dried-out vein network of a notably phallic fruit, related to the cucumber. As it matures, its vascular structure stiffens and thickens to the point where it can be plucked, dried, peeled, and pressed to become the common bath sponge.

Just remember to Soak it first before use so it can soften.

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