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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boji Stones AKA Kansas Pop Rock

Sterling Silver Shaman, Chakra, Kansas Boji Power Stone Necklace
♥ This Beautiful Necklace Contains A Powerful Shaman Chakra Kansas Boji Stone.
Custom Reserved for M M Shaman, Chakra, Kansas Boji Power Stone Silver Necklace & Keychain Jewelry Set
Reserved for M M Shaman, Chakra, Kansas Boji Power Stone Silver Necklace & Earring Jewelry Set

RESERVED Custom Request For Corla - Boji Energy Healing Necklace and Mate
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Kansas Pop Rocks is known for their energy healing properties, but because of the marcasite in them careful measures must be taken to care for your jewelry. Do not use water or liquid jewelry cleaner to clean marcasite jewelry, as the glue securing the stone can dissolve with repeated exposure. Lightly buff each piece with a soft, dry cloth and do not use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. To remove any negative energy from your stones you will need to move them through the smoke of sage, or my sacred sage incense blend which has the same effect. Sage is known for banishing and removing negative energies, and entities. Beware of any cleaning products that contain sulfuric acid; pyrite and marcasite react violently to this chemical, and contact with it can result in serious damage to your jewelry.
Chakra: "All"
Lore: Kansas Pop Rocks (AKA Boji Stones which is trade name),
also called “Energy Stones,” are used for auric healing and
chakra balancing. They generally have either smooth (female) or
bumpy (male) surfaces. The two “sexes” may be used together or
separately to balance or emphasize chosen polarities. Kansas
Pop Rocks provide good grounding of high energy states.
Geology: Kansas Pop Rocks are pyrite concretions. Bridging
organic and inorganic worlds, they are crystallizations of pyrite
over a nucleus of fossilized seashell.
Locality: Western Kansas

Kansas Pop Rocks AKA Boji Stones:
Kansas Pop Rocks are the common name for the stones
that are sometimes trademarked as Boji Stones®. They
come from the same place, at the base of a natural
pyramid mount in the center of the continental USA, and
are the same type of rock, having the same properties.
Kansas Pop Rocks usually come in pairs, a smoother

In order to separate fact from fiction, or hype from reality, we need to look at the basic composition of this rock. By understanding its composition and geology, we can begin to build a metaphysical picture of this stone and its uses. Kansas Pop Rocks are concretions of either iron sulfide, i.e. pyrite and marcasite, or in some cases jarosite, which are found in outcrops of the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Formation within Gove County, Kansas. The way they got their name,”pop rock,” is that they would explode if thrown into a fire. Also, when struck or hammered, they produce sparks and a distinct sulfur smell. The fact is that these Pop Rocks at Smoky Hill Chalk Member were created by the precipitation of iron sulfides leaking in with dead marine animals in what is called a “calcareous (calcium/sedimentary) ooze” after it accumulated and before it had lithified into chalk. At the time Kansas Pop Rocks were created, Kansas was a vast inland sea during the Cretaceous period. These rounded or oblong concretions then formed over millions of years. Nowadays geologists and amateurs and professionals alike go to this area to hunt for ancient shark teeth and shark skeletons. The “pop rocks” just happen to be
stone which has Yin or female energy and is referred to as the female, and a rougher stone that has Yang or masculine energy and is referred to as the male. Kansas Pop Rocks are excellent for balancing energy and polarities of all kinds. They are used a lot in energy healing and psychic healing to release blockages. They are also used a lot to balance the chakras and align them. They are also excellent for grounding excess energies, grounding people who are feeling "spacey", and for shielding. In the both the household plant pots and out in nature, Kansas Pop Rocks are used to promote plant growth. Kansas Pop Rocks are also used in healing arthritis, back pain, general healing, regeneration of cells, adrenal glands, chronic fatigue, and physical energy.
there intermixed among the more sought after fossilized extinct shark and other marine animals and shells. In the Smoky Rive area of the chalk region of northwestern Kansas fossils and shells lay exposed. This inland sea is a continuing research into the reptiles and other animals who swam in this sea and have left their footprints in the chalk. The concretions contain iron sulphides and Palladium. Fossilized invertebrates (such as sea creatures, underwater plants and plankton from the Cretaceous period died, they fell to the ocean floor and collected). A concretion occurs in sedimentary (ocean) rock in which a mineral cement fills the the spaces between the sediment grains. Concretions are often ovoid or spherical in shape, although irregular shapes also occur. The primary ingredient is Pyrite (iron) which gives their “sparkly” appearance. Palladium is a secondary ingredient and resembles platinum (but is not). It is found in copper and nickel ore deposits. These same stones were are marketed under the “Boji” name by the above people. The chalk monoliths of Kansas in Gove County are amazing. They have been sculptured by weather and erosion and is collectively known to be part of the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Chalk. Cobra Rock is among the state’s most distinctive geologic features are the chalk monoliths of Gove County. This slender spire—geologists call it a hoodoo—is Cobra Rock. It’s located in the chalk badlands south of Castle Rock, a landmark on the old Butterfield Overland Despatch stagecoach route. Sculpted by erosion, these formations are part of the Smoky Hill Chalk Member of the Niobrara Chalk. The Smoky Hill was the focus of great paleontological activity in the late 1800’s, producing fossils of sharks, turtles, fish, mosasaurs (large swimming reptiles), and pterosaurs. These fossils were deposited at the bottom of the large inland sea that covered most of western North America during the Cretaceous (about 80 million years ago). The Pop Rocks are a 7.4 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, although they
have been known to spontaneously disintegrate. More on that in the Spiritual section. What makes these interesting is that they are found in Kansas. If you’ve ever driven through Kansas it’s about as flat as a pancake. Yet, where these peculiar rocks are found, there is an actual white chalk butte rising out of the plain. A lot of information has been written by the above people who have the trade mark of “Boji Stones.” I want to move away from their channeled information and move into the realm of the way I work with a stone. These rocks are formed from Sedimentary forces. This means that the oceans of millions of years ago, formed them. Tiny sea creatures lived and died in these oceans. And when they died, they collected at the bottom of the ocean. Over time, billions of them accumulated and more mineral ingredients covered them. The pressures and other minerals that were around in that ocean eventually created Pop Rocks. Originally they were sedimentary (and still are) but the minerals changed in the sea water and seeped into and accumulated within each stone. This is what a concretion stone is. And that is how it is formed. Geologists have noted that some of the Pop Rocks possess magnetic qualities. Most do not. If you happen to get one that does, you’re lucky. Iron is easily magnetized, which is why some of them have this particular energy. ASTROLOGY RULER Mars is the planet that rules these interesting rocks. It has been seen that Pop Rocks, after being utilized energy wise, will sometimes disintegrate. This is a typical martian energy--they go at the speed of light until they figuratively or literally, “burn out.” (Or burn up, in this case). My guess is that the rocks give their energy away to the wearer and are therefore exhausted, and dissolve into grains instead of maintaining their shape.
Mars also rules Iron and these stones, when struck by a metal instrument, can emit sparks. Much like Vulcan’s forge. This assertive Mars energy, however, can and does work on our behalf. This is the “little engine that could,” kind of rock. Pop Rocks are power packed. Some few are actually magnetized because of the amount of Iron contained in them. Even those that aren’t, still work with a person’s energy fields, their chakras and physical body. ASTROLOGY TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS WITH Pop Rocks With any Mars transit or progression, Pop Rocks can be utilized to keep us more in balance and harmony as we go through a hard aspect time. When our feet are put to the “fires” of Life, these stones can be best friends to you. If you feel exhausted, this is a sign that your Mars energy is being blocked. When it goes retrograde once every 22 months, your stone helpers can pinch hit because Mars energy weakens leaving all of us feeling more tired than usual. SOUTH WEST DIRECTION This is the direction of fire and water. The fire energy of the south is combined with the water energy of the West. This is a ‘steamy’ position, to say the least. This minor direction is the most unstable of all of them. Fire and water, when combined, create steam. Steam can power things or it can burn you. Gemstones of this direction are powerful, vigorous, and their energy is not to be trifled with. The South brings the creativity and the West stamps its approval because all of it will run through our powerful emotions. A direction of cleansing from the inside out, whether chakras, auric fields or our physical body. The Southwest is the direction of the Kachina, those sacred beings (gods and goddess archetypes) for the Hopi and other Native American nations living in that area of the USA. This is the position of pressure, stress and
transforming it. Like the planet Pluto and the Uranian planet, Hades, there is a ‘breakdown before there is a breakthrough.’ This is high intensity energy to cleanse one’s body, emotions, mental reality and spiritual beliefs--and get them aligned in harmony. HOW TO WEAR A KANSAS POP ROCK If you are in a pressure situation where stress is evident, simply wearing them in your pockets will be enough to transmute some of the energy and give you a breather. WHO SHOULDN’T WEAR A KANSAS POP ROCK? Anyone who is in perfect balance and harmony. SPIRITUAL CONSIDERATIONS Pop Rocks works with our root chakra. This is the chakra that tethers us to the Earth to do our duty down here. Saturn, too, is the Lord of Karma and is also about grounding. When there is a strong, unbroken connection with our planet, there is energy GIVEN to us. Mother Earth considers all of us her ‘children’ and she gives us not only physical sustenance, but also energy nurturance as well. The bad news is if we aren’t in our body and therefore ‘ungrounded,’ we don’t get that energy. I often see this with people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--they are way out of their body, astrally speaking. And they don’t get any extra ‘juice’ in the form of energy from Mom Earth because they are partially disconnected. Extra energy to help us can come from one of two directions--either from the Cosmos through our crown chakra, or up from the planet we live upon via our root chakra. Either way, the energy is light, healthy, loving and positive. All things we desperately need in our lives. And throughout our life. When things get grim, wearing Kansas Pop Rock can send a signal to Mom Earth that we need more energy than normal. And Pop Rocks, like the Earth, are
slow but sure and something that can be counted on when its darkest before our personal dawn. When you feel exhausted, think of Pop Rocks. They just may ‘pop’ you back on your feet! When I analyze a stone I’ve not worked with before, I ask many questions. Among the first is: How was it formed? There’s only three ways, geologically, a stone can be created. Sedimentary rocks are formed when igneous rocks are eroded by weather and other forces (they are turned into soil or gravel or sand) and they become sediment under the sea. Fossils are often found in accumulated layers along with them. Together, they form sedimentary rocks. Examples are limestone, chert, chalk and sandstone. Igneous rocks these are stones that solidified directly from molten silicates, which geologists call magma. Examples are: granite, basalt, pumice and flint (which is a form of quartz). Metamorphic rocks are made up of igneous and sedimentary rocks of all ages which have been subjected to intense pressure. Examples are: slate, marble and quartzite. Pop Rocks are sedimentary creations. That means they come from the element WATER because they were formed within the womb of Mother Ocean. Water equates directly with human emotions. Some of our greatest healers of our wounded emotions are sedimentary rocks. Like cures like. Pop Rocks also have metal in them; specifically, Iron. This is from the fire element. So, our stone is primarily the water element with a secondary element of fire. Water and fire create STEAM. Our Industrial revolution was based upon STEAM, to give you an idea of the power of this elemental combination. From this standpoint, Pop Rocks then have the potential ability to use the “fire” of its energy to dig into the wounds or “water” of our emotions. This is a nice combination because it hints at it’s power to address our complex emotional system. As my analysis of a rock goes, I see what it looks like. And what color(s) it possesses. Pop Rocks are found in two types. One is usually oval or ovoid
and the other is also ovoid but has metal fragments sticking up and out of it here and there across its form. You have TWO different body types on the SAME rock. They remind me of a set of ovaries. The number ‘2’ is about the balance between male and female energy. Fundamentally, however, it is about feminine energy, the mother, or any other woman in our lives. It goes back to logic that the one Pop Rock with Iron fragments sticking up and out of it brings to mind a more fundamental, straight ahead kind of energy. Sort of “in-your-face” kind of energy. And the only energy that can do that is male energy. Male is forthright, assertive, aggressive and this would fit the roughened Pop Rock personality type of stone. It is the “fire” element as the primary force within it. Its energy is far more palpable than in the female stone. The other type of Pop Rock is much smoother and although it too contains iron, it’s not sticking up and out of it like a porcupine. This stone has INTEGRATED it’s iron so that its has seamlessly become a part of it. The only energy that can do that is FEMININE energy. Female energy is inclusive (not exclusive like male energy). This energy brings all elements together so that it is homogenized, blended and gets along--like a good cake recipe. This one symbolizes the “water” element as the primary force within it. In other words, this stone can help a person integrate the disparate and wounded emotional parts of themselves toward more harmony. Knowing what we know now, based upon geological information and observation of what the Pop Rock looks like, we can now move into possible applications of how it might work with us to heal us. Since the smoother ovoid Pop Rock is female energy, the rough one is more bristly is the male energy. We too, have male and female energy within us, too. If I were to draw a line down the center of our body from head to feet, we would have a left and right half. Our LEFT side is symbolic feminine energy. We are receptive on this side and we absorb from the left (anything, energy, people’s thoughts, their emotions, ect.) Our RIGHT side is symbolic male energy expression. We send OUT energy from ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, ect., from this side of our body.
Many of the Pop Rocks are a black color. But a few are rainbow colored ones, too. Some are a dark gray. Black is the color of a woman’s womb, which hints at the creativity that this stone carries. Gray is the color of balance between black (feminine) and white (male). So this is about achieving balance and harmony. The rainbow colors would address the individual chakras, depending upon which colors are on the Pop Rock. In order to separate fact from fiction, or hype from reality, we need to look at the basic composition of this rock. By understanding its composition and geology, we can begin to build a metaphysical picture of this stone and its uses. People report different things based upon their own unique energy system. Because the Pop Rocks, when used as a ‘team’ or pair can rebalance your energies, then you need to find which way works best for you. If you are out of balance, chances are placing the male Pop Rock into your left palm and the female in the right palm, will work best for you. That is a generality, and you may find just the opposite is true. However, if you’re fairly balanced, then the opposite would occur. People report feeling warmth (male Pop Rock), coolness (female Pop Rock), a buzzing sensation, a tingling in one or both palms, energy sizzling up one arm or the other, or both arms. Some have reported energy tingles in a specific chakra or part of their body--which is a sign that it’s blocked and that’s where the work needs to be done. Some have reported dizziness so it’s best to sit down when you do this, just in case. Dizziness means you’re really out of balance. Another way to work with them is to lay down and try another experiment. Place either Pop Rock in your chakras. Lying down on your back, you can access the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel/sacral chakras. Understanding you may have only one or two rocks, then I suggest you put ONE in a chakra and wait five minutes to see if you feel/see/hear anything. If not, move on to the next chakra. If you want to test out your root chakra, place the rock on the floor close to the apex of where your thighs meet. For the crown, set the stone about an inch away from your head. And then wait.
Again, same types of sensations may be felt. But if you feel nothing, then swap out the Pop Rock for the other one. And try it all over again. Chakras are always going out of balance due to the stress/pressures of our lives down here. This is nothing new. However, because of the fire/water properties of the Pop Rocks, either the male or female rock may be able to help loosen the debris (positive ions) that build up and collect in a given chakra. To find out which one will do the trick, you must go through this procedure. Most people will find one of them will give them the sensations. And it won’t be in every chakra because not all of them are filled with debris.
Here’s another test you can do with your Pop Rocks. Place BOTH of them into each of your chakras. Close your eyes. Relax. See, hear, feel what it may do when aligned with that chakra. People report many things. Especially when you place both of them on your third eye (you must be lying down to achieve this), they suddenly “see” things. What kind of things? Well, a snippet of a past life, for example. Or they may see a color or colors. They may see a symbol. Or a face that they may or may not be able to identify. Or? Everyone’s experience is different! You can also put each Pop Rock into its own pouch and carry them around in your pockets. The female should go into your left pocket and the male into your right pocket. See how this feels for about an hour. If you feel no sensation or lightening, switch them around. Then, wear them for about another hour. One way or another, they will feel ‘right’ to you. Their job is to balance things out in us energetically speaking. If you want to try another experiment, put the female (have her in a pouch) and tuck her between the pillow case/pillow and bed. Then, go to sleep. If you get no dreams or your ‘regular’ dreams, then put the male into the pillow case instead. See what happens. IN SUMMATION....
Kansas Pop Rocks are sort of like Dorothy being stuck in the land of Oz and wanting to get back to her home in Kansas. Granted, these aren’t a pair of ruby colored shoes you can click together to leave the world of magic to the world of the Real. But, they do have some attributes that are definitely worth checking out.

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