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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Incense Charcoal Button Starter Kit by leighswiccanboutique

Incense Charcoal Button Starter Kit by leighswiccanboutique

Incense Charcoal Button Starter Kit

Incense Charcoal Button Starter Kit
Incense Charcoal Button Starter KitIncense Charcoal Button Starter KitIncense Charcoal Button Starter KitIncense Charcoal Button Starter KitIncense Charcoal Button Starter Kit
This Listing is for 1 Package of 4 Instant Lite Charcoal Buttons, 1 Sample bag of Dream Seer Jasmine and Lavender Sacred Sage Incense Blend, and 1 Small bag of Sand for Heat absorption.

If you would like to just order the charcoals please send me a msg so I can create a custom listing for your purchase. (Shell and other items in photo are not included only the items listed above comes in this kit)

Since my handcrafted Incense are strong enough to where only a little needs to be used at a time I suggest breaking the coals into 3rds to last you longer. They will stay hot for approx. 20-30 min when broken.

I use these coals all the time to Burn my sacred sage incense. Make sure you choose a heat safe item to burn your incense on. Fill the Item with the sand provided for heat absorption.

Just Lite Coal wait for it turn Gray, and Sprinkle a pinch of my of my Incense Powder on your lit Coal and Enjoy.

This blend of my Sacred Sage Incense is Wonderful for relaxation, divination, astral travel, and for those with the ability to see and predict within dream state due to the ingredients crafted in these Incense Blends. Blended with Jasmine, and Lavender, and other useful ingredients. Don't wait to get yours because I can never keep them in stock due to local popular demand for them.
This Incense powder is all Natural, and made with Benzoin Resin, Cedar, Lavender, Copal Resin, Jasmin flower, Lavender buds, Sweet Grass, White Sage, Mugwort, and Hand picked blended Essential Oils & Resin's I used to create this unique scent.

These Handcraft Incense Powder's have many uses besides smelling good.
They are perfect for smudging since the main ingredient is Sacred Sage.
They can also be used in Meditation & Spell work as well.

Note: Before adding incense powder to your Lit Swift Light Coal be sure to allow your coal to turn completely gray around the outside first. Doing so allows it to burn off that stinky instant light chemical that they add to them. I prefer to use natural Coals when all possible but these work well to after the outside turns gray :)

The fast-lighting charcoal from Swift-Lite is the finest charcoal tablet available. The charcoal tablets are made out of extremely fine charcoal and pressed to make a clean, non-crumbly, non-exploding tablet.

Simply light a tablet with a lighter or match and the tablet will develop a long-lasting, intense and regular heat. They glow and remain hot consistently for around an hour and have no impact on smell of the incense. Charcoal tablets are great for for buring loose incense, herbs and powders. The tablets must be contained in a heat proof container or burned on a medium such as sand. The Buttons are 3 mm.

DO NOT INGEST!!! DO NOT SMOKE IT!!!! This product is to be used for aroma & Smudging purposes only. This is an incense made with essential oils, resins, and incense powder. This is in no way shape or form to be used for human consumption. These herbal incense are like incense sticks, and cones but instead used on charcoal.

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    1. Thank you so much Alena, and if you have idea's on things you would like me to share, or information just give me a shout :)

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