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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Power of the Pentagram. 
by Tamara Von Forslun 
The Pentagram as sacred as it is, has had a myriad of names given to it. But
the representation of the upright Pentagram is the Higher Mind ruling over
the lesser Elementals of our being of human nature. It also signifies the
Awakening of the Cosmic Consciousness and the beginnings of human
consciousness, manipulating its environment beyond the realms of the
physical form and perceptions, which are limited into 5 senses. The origins
of the Pentagram go far back to remotest antiquity. A far back as
Pre-Babylonian Sumeria. The Pentagram has been used by so many different
peoples, but all for protection. It has been classed by many to be the most
potent of all protective symbols ever designed. Here are some of the designs
and meanings of the pentagram. 1. To the Jews it symbolises the Pentateuch -
The Five Books of Moses. 2. Early Judaic beliefs recognized it as pointing
out the five stigmata - representing the five wounds that Christ suffered
whilst he was on the cross. 3. It has survived a variety of titles such as
the Druids Foot, The Witches Star, Star of Isis. The followers of Pythagoras
called it the pentalpha, being composed of five interlaced A's, or Alpha's.
We also have the Celtic Star of Truth, The Endless knot, The Pentacle of the
Virgin, The Seal of the Microcosm, the Star of Knowledge, the Pentacle of
the templars. Also one of the Seals of Solomon, medieval churchmen called it
the Witches Foot or Wizards Star, it was also known as the Goblins Cross,
The sign of the Devil (which is totally incorrect). It was also known and
used by the Sumerians, Egyptians, Celts, Gypsies, Asians, Buddhists, Hindu's
North American Indians and it goes on and on and on. This amazing symbol
was used by so many cultures for protection and as a Majikal Talisman. This
shows that alone it was a true symbol which was shown spiritually to all the
old teachers and Shamans of old. We can now view it as shadowing forth unity
in the midst of multiplicity. Ceremonial Magicians through the Middle Ages
also considered the pentagram to be among the most potent, holy and
protective of all symbols, it is believed to be stronger and more used even
than the Crucifix or Hexagram. Those involved in occult practices could be
certain that wherever the Pentagram and/or pentacle was being displayed,
their, evil had no power at all. It does not need any effort from us, as it
embodies within its continual line of magnetic electric powers that attract
or repel, depending on what is required by the Witch. The power of the
Pentagram is powerful because of its metaphysical Elements of the ancient

This then becomes a graphic portrayal of the Spirit ruling over the lesser
Elements, and when the Pentagram is placed within the Majik Circle (which is
a symbol of eternity, totality and unity) its Electro-magnetic energies are
focused and directed by the Will of the Witch. 
The five points of the Pentagram also represent: 
EarthNorthPhysicalS olidarityMotherW inter 
AirEastMental/ AstralFreedomMaj ikSpring 
FireSouthSpiritualE motionFatherSumm er 
WaterWestPsychicMed itationCreationA utumn 

There are many other representations for these Majikal Points of the
Pentagram but this will give you something else to research. The Inverted
Pentagram with the single point buried in the very depths of matter. This
symbol, the inverted pentagram has for many centuries been misinterpreted by
the ignorant and those of evil intent, such as the Satanists, who take it
and abuse it by calling it evil and dark and anti, they take everything
spiritual and reverse and bastardise it, and call it their own. But to the
true student of Wicca and Witchcraft, it represents Spirit submerged and
bonded into the material Elements. Whilst the inverted pentagram is
representative of Spirits decent into matter, the Pentagram aright; to those
of true spiritual perception, represents the redemption of spirit from
matter by ruling over it. It is also the sigil for the Priest or Priestess
of Wicca. This High Majikal Tool is to be used as a Paten, for ritual
Blessing and Consecrations of our Tools and the Salt and Water. It is the
most important Tool in a Witches life and far more important than even the
Athame. The Pentacle is also used in higher forms of Witchcraft for
protecting the Majik Circle against any attack or negativity, especially
unwanted forces that are out of control, the Pentacle is excellent for this.
But always remember that in all of your Wiccan and Majikal work that your
Majik and your Circle be true and correct, and for the good of all, and
never for negative work that could harm or rebound with a vengeance. We
mainly use the Pentacle for Consecration of Salt and Water at the
preliminary cleansing and casting of the Majik Circle and for Banishing.
Also for the Consecration of the Athame by using the Four Element Blessing.
The sigils that are etched or engraved upon the Pentacle are placed in a set
position to represent the ancient key to unlock the Mysteries and knowledge
of the ancient Craft, when used correctly. Each symbol represents something
special in the Witches mind and therefore subconsciously releases certain
powers when activated correctly. 
The Great Goddess - This sigil represents the twin breasts of the Great
Mother, also the Womb and Tomb of the Worlds. It also represents the Moon
and her feminine phases. It represents fertility and nourishment, the great
feminine in all of nature. 
The Horned God - The Consort of the Goddess, He is the Masculine in all of
nature, master of light and Lord of the Dance and the Majik Circle. 
Central Inverted Pentagram - This inverted Pentagram represents infusion and
bonding of the spirit into the material, this is through the control of the
Elemental and Astral forces. As before the lesser four points of the
Pentagram are emblematic of the four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and
The Kiss - This symbol represents the successes, joys, loves, beauty, and
all the pleasurable experiences known to man that helps us strive towards
our Perfect Love and Perfect trust, and to attain our goals as a true
servant of the Goddess and as a genuine Earth centered Witch. 
The Scourge - This symbol represents all the pains, sorrows, trials,
temptations, difficulties and darkness energies that we need to go through
and are essential in the growth of the self-mastery in the life of a Wiccan
Priest or Priestess. 
The Majik Circle - The Witches Temple and the Astral Temple for the Pagan
Priesthood - Wicca. It also represents the powers, protection and
containment of the Majik Circle. It is also the Gateway between the Worlds -
Material, Astral, Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual. It is also the place where
the Spiral of Majik is magnified and intensified. 
Infinity/Eternity - The never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth; the
duality and polarity of Yin and Yang, Male and Female, also the manifested
existence contained within all encompassing Unity which is ever in motion,
ever flowing like life is eternal, the law of As Above, So BelowÃœ.. 
Triangle of Light - Symbol of the Witch, after Initiation. 
Triangle of Darkness - Inverted triangle, symbol of the children of darkness
Knowledge of Annwyn. Also a symbol of fertility. 

Around the perimeter of the Pentacle should also be placed the planets and
Zodiacs, in order of their positioning with the cross-quarters of the Circle
and their appropriate Elements. This sacred tool is traditionally made from
virgin beeswax, Benzoin Gum, and Dragons Blood and several other majikal
ingredients. This is the ancient traditional method of making these Witches
Tools, that no Altar should be without

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