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Friday, November 16, 2012

Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar by leighswiccanboutique

Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar by leighswiccanboutique

Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set

Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set
Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set Idunna Statuary Vibrancy and Youth Altar Set
Iðunn "Idunna" which means "One who rejuvenates, or Ever young." Idunna is most often seen with her sacred apples, which the norse gods must eat daily in order to maintain their youth, health and vibrancy. Iðunn’s represents love, divination, dreams and longevity.

♥ This Magnificent set Comes with my handcrafted Lavender Vanilla Essential Oil in a 1oz bottle, a Package of Lavender buds, and Rose buds mixed, and Features a Dryad Design Seated Statue of the Celtic Goddess Idunna.

♥ The Goddess Idunna: Crafted from cast resin in the Wood finish. Idunna is Designed with highly detailed artwork, and her name in runes graces the base of her statue. The bottom is covered with velvet to protect the surface of your table or altar. She measures approx. 7 3/4"h x 3 1/4"w x 3 1/4"d.

The initial template for the mold is painstakingly carved by hand in wood, then the mold is created and the actual statue is cast in resin from this mold based, And Idunna was then born into this world today.

♥ Lavender Vanilla Essential Oil: I created this wonder Essential Oil under meditation using Herbs, of Lavender, and Vanilla Bean, and Essential Oils. This Oil has been molting for several weeks to create its wondrous calming scent. You can use this oil as a perfume, bath oil, in ritual or prayer to promote happiness and harmony in the home by invoking good health, and tranquility. It will help ensure fidelity and devotion in marriage and offering psychic protection.

Lavender: A protector of children against the evil eye. It is said to stimulate the conscious mind and stabilize both the emotional and psychic planes. Lavender clears environmental energies and neutralizes dis harmonic frequencies and is often used for these reasons in purification and space clearing rituals. Lavender is associated with; Love, Health, Peace, Long life, Happiness, Chastity, Clairvoyance, Longevity, Sleep, Healing and Balancing.

♥ Rose: Known as the flower of seduction. It is a healing and balancing herb with a natural affinity with the heart. It is known for bringing harmony and enhanced well-being to the body and balancing personal will. It offers psychic protection and symbolizes divine or mystical love. It promotes confidence and is healing to the heart. It activates the yin or feminine energies and awakens sensuality. Rose is also associated with Protection of secrets, repulsion of evil, beauty, psychic powers, divination through dreams, healing, luck, protection, domestic peace and happiness.

The Idunna Statue: In Norse mythology, Iðunn is the Goddess known as the Keeper of the Apples and eternal youthfulness. Iðunn’s themes are love, divination, dreams and longevity.

Her symbols are apples. This Teutonic Goddess of longevity and love was born of flowers and lives in Asgard, protecting the magical apples of immortality. Iðunn resides in the house of Norse, and is married to Bragi the God of music and Poetry. Her chair depicts when she was stolen away by the giant Thjazi in the form of a giant Eagle. In her absence the Gods began to grow old and arrested Loki for allowing her to be stolen away from them. Threatened with death, Loki took the form of a falcon to reclaim her. He turned Iðunn into a nut and carried her back to Asgard. The great Eagle pursued them but upon reaching Asgard it flew into a fire trap, burst into flames, and fell to his death.

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