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Saturday, January 26, 2013

ChoKuRei Empowerment Sodalite Pendulum by leighswiccanboutique

ChoKuRei Empowerment Sodalite Pendulum by leighswiccanboutique

Cho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite Pendulum

Cho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite Pendulum
Cho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite PendulumCho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite PendulumCho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite PendulumCho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite PendulumCho-Ku-Rei Empowerment Sodalite Pendulum
This Powerful Sodalite Pendulum features some magnificent inclusions of multiple colors.
Featuring the symbol of Cho-ku-rei which it's symbol empowers and protects, focuses your energy and helps grounding, while also improving physical healing.

♥ This Pendulum has some wonderful energy. A wonder pendulum perfect for your divination, and healing needs. As you can see from the second, and fourth photo posted here my hand is perfectly still but this powerful pendulum swings in motion with the receptive energy it beholds. 

♥ The entire piece is 9" in length. This Pendulum is made with Silver Chain. At the tip of the chain you will find a small crystal sphere to direct your energy through, and easy slip free handling.

Sodalite is one of the stones that will open the Third Eye and bring in inner psychic sight and intuitive knowledge. It will harmonize the inner being or the conscious with the subconscious mind. A stone wonderfully beneficial for healing breaches in communication. A stone of truth, it brings this to all communications. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning and will unite the logical with the spiritual. It is also excellent for psychic development and meditation, particularly if used with lapis or other clear quartz crystal. While other stones may blast open the inner doorway to the psychic, this stone gently eases it open. This allows us acceptance of and working with the new and different abilities much easier than if they had come too suddenly.

Crystal Quartz is the ultimate Everything Energy Stone! It not only contains its own powerful healing energy that can be directed in many ways, but it also amplifies the energies of other stones it is placed with during your spiritual workings. Quartz crystals can raise energy to the highest possible level, it enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy, and it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection and channeling. Used to dispel negativity and clear away negative energy. A stone of protection as it counters black magic and protects from negative energy.Quartz is also a stone of clarity. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental as well as the physical planes. One of the most protective gemstones, quartz will protect the spirit as it enhances spiritual grown, and wisdom. It is also quite beneficial for clarifying the emotional processes, which in turn will enlighten your creativity and inspiration.

♥ All Pendulums, and Jewelry is Free Shipping in the US! Due to the high increase in international shipping rates I can no longer offer free international shipping on my Jewelry however I am giving all my international customers a Discounted Rate!

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