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Monday, March 4, 2013

Raw Spider Web Jasper Stone by leighswiccanboutique on Etsy

Raw Spider Web Jasper Stone by leighswiccanboutique on Etsy

Raw Spider Web Jasper Stone

Raw Spider Web Jasper Stone
Raw Spider Web Jasper StoneRaw Spider Web Jasper StoneRaw Spider Web Jasper StoneRaw Spider Web Jasper StoneRaw Spider Web Jasper Stone
This Beautiful Stone is Raw Spider Web Jasper, sometimes also referred to as Spiderman Jasper. This is a powerful yet somewhat rare stone and wonderful to use in your divination, and healing purposes. When I hold this stone in my hand I can feel its power. It has a strong immense energy field to it.

This stone is approx. 2" wide, and 1" tall.

Spider Jasper is a stone of Magic. It is a powerful aid to those who want to work the elemental energies of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Storm. It assists those who wish to utilize these energies for purposes of healing and spiritual awaking. It is blackness, embodying the inner depths of psyche and soul, and it is red, the color and vibration of the vitality of life. Its complex web of interconnecting lines mirrors its ability to assist one in finding and using the invisible connections between oneself and all that is.

A true magician uses the subtle energy lines to channel powerful forces into physical manifestation directed by his or her will. This is a mineral that can awaken ones latent capacities for making things happen. There is of course great responsibility in taking such actions. One must examine oneself and ask if ones purposes are good, appropriate and correct, for magic used negatively or unconsciously will rebound upon the practitioner.

It is also a great stone for self healing and well being. It activates the root chakra, bringing in more life force energies, and it protects against negative influences in both ones inner and outer environments. Outwardly, it offers something like an invisible protective shield from the negativity of others, and inwardly, it brings to awareness aspect of oneself that are unconsciously negative. For this inner purification, sleeping with the stone is highly recommended. The answers will often come in dreams.

For those on the shamanic path, Spider jasper is a beneficial ally on inner journeys. Its complex webwork of red in black is reflective of the astonishing yet meaningful mazes journeys, and their protective qualities help insure a safe return.


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