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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant Hoodoo by leighswiccanboutique

Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant Hoodoo by leighswiccanboutique



I only have 3 of these Mystical yet Holy plants left. You will receive 1 Dormant plant.

The Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant, is native to most north African and Arabic deserts. This plant dries completely and curls up in dry times, and lives again when in contact with water, hence the name The Resurrection Plant. Once watered, the dried-up dormant plants soon begin to blossom. As you can see from the photo's I have provided over a matter of days this beautiful plant will spring to life.

It is traditionally related to the Holy Trinity, but you also must remember its original origins. This plant contains a very powerful desert spirit. Beside its known properties as prosperity and success bringer, when treated with Love and Respect it gives great protection to its owner, and absorbs negative energies.

You only have to put the dry plant in a bowl and add a couple of inches of water, or plant it in sand and add water. I personally like planting it in the sand as this is a desert plant, and I want it to connect with its natural habitat.

Place the Plant on your Altar and use it during your prayer and ritual workings.

This plant is cherished among those of the Catholic Religion, and also those of the Old World, Pagan and Wiccan Religions. During Christmas and Easter This plant is displayed in the home in Honor of Jesus Christ, then allowed to dry up back to its natural dormant state and stored until the next Holy Holiday. Those of the old world and new age religions use it to honor the God and Goddess, and in their daily prayers and rituals.

Rose of Jericho is used in rituals and spell work for abundance, business aspects, healing, luck, prosperity, protection, and success. It is also used to create "Rose Of Jericho water" which can be used for cleansing, house blessings and even reversal spells. The plant itself can also be used as a lucky charm.

In African traditions, prosperity and protection talismans are placed as close to the entry of the house as possible.

When the infant Jesus fled from Bethlehem with His mother Mary and Joseph to avoid the massacre of all the young children by King Herod, they crossed the plains of Jericho. When Mary alighted from the donkey on which she was riding, this little flower sprang up at her feet to greet the infant Savior whom she carried in her arms. Flowers sprang up at all the places where the Holy Family rested during their flight to Egypt.

All through Christ's life on earth the little rose of Jericho continued to flourish, but when He died upon the Cross all these flowers withered and died.Three days later, our Lord rose again from the tomb, and at that same time the Rose of Jericho came to life, and blossomed as a sign that Christ had risen. Because of these happenings The Rose of Jericho Resurrection flower has ever since bloomed.

As with any spell, it is your Intention, Energy, Belief, and Focus that sparkles the final outcome of your magic.

By Law Disclaimer: As with any Herb some are safe, and some can be toxic if ingested. If you are unsure, or dont know then DON'T ingest it! I am Not res ponsible for any misuse, damages or injury that may occur due to use or misuse of any of my products. My Products are sold as Curio. FDA has not evaluated these claims. This product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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Blessed Be
Mandi Leigh

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