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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pain Be Gone Therapeutic Massage Oil 4 1/2 by leighswiccanboutique

Pain Be Gone Therapeutic Massage Oil 4 1/2 by leighswiccanboutique

This listing is for 1 bottle containing 4 1/2 oz of this totally awesome oil "Pain Be Gone Oil" that everyone is raving about that I make. When you buy big you save! This bottle here will save you a big $18.00 as my 1oz bottles sell for $10.00 and my 1/2 oz bottles sell for $8.00.

Pain Be Gone Essential Therapeutic Blend. This oil is completely hand brewed by me, and contains a mixture of EO's and Herbs known for their pain relieving properties. Some of the EO's used to create this amazing oil contain a natural high level of methyl salicylate which is a natures aspirin, along with Magnesium which also relieves aches and pains.

I have received so much positive feed back from the locals regarding this oil. I even sent some to one of my long standing online members of the boutique and she fell in love with it.

A little bit of this oil goes along ways. Just simply massage it in where it hurts and the pain will start easing away within minutes. It also relieves headaches by simply rubbing a small amount into your temples and on the back of your neck. Recently it has been discovered that this oil also reduces inflammation and pain caused by gout in the feet.

My husband has gout and it comes and goes often causing him much discomfort. He asked me to try it on the achy spot on his foot. Within a minute he told me I dont know what kind of Magical JuJu you got going on with this, nor do I know whats in it but that shit works!

I have used this oil myself and absolutely love it! It got rid of the ache in my legs, and also has relieved my migraines as well.

Here is some of the comments I have received from users of this oil that I made in regards to how it works:

Renee: This stuff is amazing. Love it

Nina: It really does work!

Ivy says it really works, and gets rid of headaches to.

Ivy's Sister whom is a truck driver calls it that Awesome Shit in a bottle! She also passed my card around to her fellow truck drivers. She told me she smashed her thumb thinking it was broke rubbed this stuff on it and the pain was gone so that shit really does work!

Gina my sister said she needs enough to just fill a tub with so she can just lay in it as it works that good.

Elizabeth: Seriously my new favorite stuff, "Pain be Gone" oil Lily's Aunt Mandi makes. I've had an annoying headache for a week. Took 4 IB Profens and 2 Tylenols today and it did nothing. Rubbed this on my temples and the back of my neck and headache is gone.

(DISCLAIMER:) I make no personal claims that this oil will work for you. Please keep in mind everyone is different. I also cannot guarantee you that you wont be allergic to one of the ingredients used in this oil. Always do a patch test before use of any product on the market. I am not responsible for any reactions you may have.

♥ Shipping is based off like products sold and shipped.

♥ INTERNATIONAL BUYERS- I apologize for the high shipping rate but the rate is accurate. There was a high increase in international packages.

Blessed Be
Mandi Leigh

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